April 01, 2017

As I approach my last two months of pregnancy and the countdown to Baby #2 has officially begun, I thought I'd share with you some of the essentials that have gotten me through this pregnancy. Overall, I have felt way better and more energetic this time around than I did with my first, but those pregnancy aches and pains have started to creep in (hello, heartburn!) and every day I am feeling more and more ready to meet this new Saltwater Baby! Moms-to-be, pick up these items fast!

Align Pants: Super soft with a non-constricting high waist, these leggings feel like second skin. I have lived in them all pregnancy, even now at the end.

Daily Harvest Smoothies: I am a smoothie and milkshake fiend when pregnant (I was Shake Shack's #1 customer when pregnant with B). This new smoothie delivery service has satisfied my cravings while allowing me to stay on a healthy track and get essential nutrients. You choose your delivery preferences and they are delivered ready to blend in travel-ready cups. Pour the cup of frozen ingredients into a blender with almond milk, water or juice and you're good to go! I love the mint cacao flavor. Get 2 free smoothies by using this link!

Organic Breathe Easy Rub: I usually have a pretty strong immune system, but having a toddler during winter meant I picked up every cold she did. This Honest Company staple helped me get a good night's rest.

L'Occitane Almond Supple Skin Oil: A friend recommended this during my first pregnancy and I am hooked! No stretch marks yet (fingers crossed!) and the smell is so lovely. This will be packed in my hospital bag for sure.

Beautycounter Balancing Facial Oil: Ugh pregnancy breakouts! As if being pregnant didn't make you feel bad enough, we also have to deal with hormonal breakouts. Whoever has that elusive pregnancy glow, I'm very jealous because my skin is a mess! I love the entire Beautycounter line, but this facial oil is something I cannot live without. It has kept my breakouts mostly at bay without the use of harsh or harmful chemicals. Lucky for you, we will be hosting our favorite Beautycounter ladies at Saltwater on April 20th, so join us and check out all of the great products!

Shai Shai Maternity tops: One of our amazing customers founded this line of basic maternity tanks and tees and she was so kind to let me try a few samples. Let me tell you, these are a maternity basic you need to run out and grab NOW! They don't lose their shape or ride up like other brands I've tried and they will stretch with your growing belly throughout your entire pregnancy and then snap back so you can wear them after baby. A necessary underpinning to wear under a blazer or cardigan (I'm wearing one of their tanks under our Cashmere Tunic now) or alone with your daily yoga gear, I wish I had discovered Shai Shai months ago!


Happy pregnancy, mamas! xoxo

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